Comedy Central

01 March 2013

We’re back! Well, we’re being recycled. For a short time Comedy Central will be playing both seasons 1 & 2. And we’ve already got ourselves a nice review from Mr Paul Casserly at the NZ Herald Online. Not that we were googling ourselves, someone just sent it to us, honest.


Hyvää päivää!

08 December 2012

The Jaquie Brown Diaries has been bought by YLE, a very flash TV network in Finland. We believe we’re even getting a prime time slot, nice work Finnies! You clearly have an amazing sense of humour as well as an impressive catalogue of pastries.


Keep Calm and Carry on

22 July 2012

Okay it’s official, Jaquie’s crossed the network divide and will shortly be smearing her pearly whites across the screen again in TV One’s ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’. No, this is not the televised version of her best selling microbiography ‘I’m not fat I’m pregnant’, this is an entirely different can of corn syrup… although it still pertains to getting pregnant and having babies. The series is not a YGB production, but it’s made by the talented folk at Jam TV who have promised not to make her look like a wilder beast.

You can check it out here: