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The Jaquie Brown Odyssey is the follow up to the successful NZ comedy series The Jaquie Brown Diaries, which tells the story of a C-grade celebrity trying to find her place in the media world.

Since losing her job on McHuntly at 7 over a feud with rival TV personality Serita Singh, Jaquie has hit rock bottom.  Along with her freeloading flatmate Tom, she’s been forced to trade in her Cox’s bay dream home for a pungent loft apartment above K road and has been whoring her waning celebrity status at a carpet factory to pay the bills.

Meanwhile Serita has gone on to become one of TV3’s most valued assets, has her own show coming out and a top ten single.  Jaquie’s only chance to climb back up the media ladder is a co-hosting gig on radio with the equally bitter and even more disgruntled James Coleman.

Jaquie is desperate to get back into TV, but even with the help of friend and publicist Kim Sharee, the opportunities seem few and far between.

Once again, Jaquie must wage war with the infallible Serita Singh, as well as her own conscience in an epic quest to regain her network perch and free herself from the shackles of corporate radio and reality television.