The Jaquie Brown Diaries


Brownie Points

Jaquie Brown is a young journalist who has found her niche as the light relief on prime time current affairs show ' McHuntly at 7'. However when the producers hire a new Indian reporter who also seems to specialise in 'quirk', Jaquie discovers she's been scoring low with ethnic minorities and is determined to do something about it.


Brown in the Dumps

When Jaquie's best friend moves to the UK, Jaquie moves into a new house that is well out of her price range. Unable to find a suitable flat mate, Jaquie decides to exploit her celebrity status through cheap product endorsements and a part time job on breakfast radio with 'The Morning Monkeys'.


Brown Sweat

Kim manages to get Jaquie on a major ad campaign of celebrities supporting NZ Olympians. Jaquie's initial excitement is diminished when she realises she's going to look a little dumpy standing alongside the country's top athletes. She therefore sets herself the impossible task of losing 10kgs in 10 days.


Brown Love

When Jaquie and her Mum catch Jaquie's new boyfriend in an unholy act of self-violation, Kim Sharee decides to find Jaquie a new man, preferably one that will get her on the cover of the Woman's Day magazine. But Jaquie also discovers she's been wrongly associated with a disturbing urban celebrity sex myth that may hinder her progress considerably.


The Brown Identity

Acting on a sudden urge to give back to the community, Jaquie decides to look after a girl with special needs but realises that philanthropy isn't easy. Jaquie's agony is further fuelled as she is continually mistaken for Jackie Clarke, but when it results in her losing her invite to the fashion event of the year, their mutual disdain for each other reaches boiling point.


Brown Live

Ian & Elena choose Serita as replacement host for the live 7pm show while they cover a story in Iraq. Enraged, Jaquie frames Serita in order to get her fired and takes over hosting duties herself. But when the main story changes at the last minute, and Jaquie is told she'll be doing a live cross with the Prime Minister over a foreign trade controversy, she realises she's a little out of her element.